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At OSU, we cultivate leaders who do what's right, even when it's hard.

Are you interested in a career in law, management or as an entrepreneur? Then check out our majors in business and leadership. At OSU, we focus on giving you the essential interpersonal skills and high-quality education you need to be successful in an ever-changing world.


Majors (and major options)


AccountingAerospace Administration and OperationsAerospace EngineeringAerospace Security optionAgribusinessAgribusiness (Accounting Double Major)Agribusiness (Agricultural Communications double major)Agribusiness (Community and Regional Analysis)Agribusiness (Crop and Soil Sciences)Agribusiness (Farm and Ranch Management)Agribusiness (International)Agribusiness (Natural Resources)Agribusiness (Pre-Law)Agribusiness (Pre-Veterinary Business Management)Agricultural CommunicationsAgricultural Communications (Agribusiness Double Major)Agricultural Communications (Animal Science Double Major)Agricultural EconomicsAgricultural EducationAgricultural Education (Agricultural Business and Economics)Agricultural Education (Agricultural Communications)Agricultural Education (Animal Agriculture)Agricultural Education (Horticultural Sciences)Agricultural Education (Multidisciplinary)Agricultural Education (Natural Resources)Agricultural LeadershipAgricultural Leadership (Extension Education)Agricultural Leadership (International Studies)American StudiesAmerican Studies (Pre-Law)Animal ScienceAnimal Science (Agricultural Communications Double Major)Animal Science (Agricultural Education Double Major)Animal Science (Animal Biotechnology)Animal Science (Business)Animal Science (Livestock Merchandising)Animal Science (Pre-Veterinary Animal Science)Animal Science (Production)Animal Science (Ranch Operations)Applied Exercise Science (Pre-Professional)Applied Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)Architectural Engineering (Construction Project Management)Architectural Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)Architectural Engineering (Structures)ArchitectureArt HistoryArts AdministrationAviation Management option
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