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Mechatronics and Robotics car

What is Mechatronics and Robotics?

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of science that integrates the principals of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, 
telecommunications engineering, systems engineering and control engineering into a unified discipline while keeping the core mechanical and 
electrical engineering education. Robotics is a subset of mechatronics with elevated classes of mechatronics.

Why mechatronics and robotics at OSU?

The Bachelor's of Science in Mechatronics and Robotics provides students with an interdisciplinary applied engineering education through industry 
oriented coursework and hands-on projects. Students will learn fundamental and applied concepts of real-world mechatronic and robotic systems, 
including robot design, interface theory, sensing and actuation systems, hardware and software integration, modeling and control

Career paths

Profession in, but not limited to, the information, manufacturing, utilities, or other technical fields with the following possible job titles:

 Robot arm


  • All faculty members have several years of industrial experience.  They are highly focused on teaching while conducting application oriented research
  • Majority of courses are taught based on hands-on training and application of engineering concepts
  • Mechatronics minor and Master's degree 
  • Higher demands and salaries than typical electrical/mechanical engineers


Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology offers a variety of competitive scholarships. To learn more, view all CEAT scholarship opportunities.


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