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Student working in an Electrical Engineering Enviornment

What is electrical engineering?

Electrical Engineering encompasses a broad range of technologies that utilize electricity for the benefit of society.  Subdisciplines include energy systems, machines, power electronics, analog electronics, digital electronics, computer systems, instrumentation, sensors, signal processing, machine vision, communications, robotics, wireless devices, radar, photonics, biomedical devices, and artificial intelligence.

Why electrical engineering at OSU?

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at OSU provides high quality, comprehensive education for both undergraduate and graduate degree seeking students.  The School incorporates software, hardware and design experiences in its curriculum.  Our faculty are committed to student excellence and our students are highly recruited by the industry.  We emphasize both theory and application to prepare students for their first entry-level jobs. 

Career opportunities

Profession in, but not limited to, analog devices, digital electronics, control and communication systems, energy and power, and wireless devices. The following are possible job titles for our Electrical Engineering graduates:

5degree specialty areas

Power & Energy; Computers & Digital Electronics; Signal Electronics; Controls, Signal Processing & Communications; Microwaves & Photonics


  • Ample scholarships to a diverse student body
  • Dual BS Electrical Engineering and BS Computer Engineering degree
  • "4+1" Accelerated BS Electrical Engineering and Master of Engineering degree
  • Ample software, hardware, computer, laboratory and design experiences
  • Highly engaged faculty and student-centric culture
Windmills are something electrical engineers work on at OSU.

Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology offers a variety of competitive scholarships. To learn more, view all CEAT scholarship opportunities.

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