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What is business economics and quantitative studies?

The option in business economics and quantitative studies helps students get additional training in the analytical methods and communication skills for both public- and private-sector occupations to analyze and predict the intended and unintended consequences of human action.

Why study business economics and quantitative at OSU?

OSU economists are here to provide their students with the analytical tools required for conducting high-quality research and applying economic principles to decisions made in business, government and daily life.

Career paths

There are many paths an economics major can take. Many are similar to those of other business majors, but with a focus on analyzing and predicting the intended and unintended consequences of human action. Potential jobs include:


had employment, job offers, or continued education within 3 months of graduation.



Eastin Center for Career Readiness

The Eastin Center at Spears Business guides and supports our students so they are prepared to pursue professional opportunities, practice continued growth and fully develop that contribution.

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