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Environmental Geoscience

What is environmental geoscience?

Environmental geosciences is the study of human interactions with the natural environment, and alternatively, how the natural environment impacts our presence on earth.

Why environmental geoscience?

Environmental geoscientists investigate and diagnose issues occurring in the natural environment. In this way, environmental geoscientists are like medical doctors for the earth! Students within this program will receive an interdisciplinary STEM degree in order to have the breadth of knowledge needed to serve local, regional or international communities.

Career Paths

Due to the interdisciplinary approach of this program, a degree within environmental geosciences could lead to a variety of careers options based on the student’s interest. Our graduates have pursued successful careers in a variety of fields:


  • First degree of its kind in Oklahoma
  • Special topics in sustainability, water quality and access, and geographical information systems (GIS)
  • Work with diverse faculty with global backgrounds

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