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What is entomology?

Entomology is the study of insects and related arthropods, the most numerous and diverse forms of life on Earth. You will explore the diversity of nature through the study of arthropods and the role they play with plants, animals and human civilization. 

Why entomology at OSU?

Insects, though small in size, have a big impact on the environment and economy and, therefore, our society. Insects are needed for pollination, waste recycling and as parts of food webs. Insects also spread disease organisms and limit production of agricultural plants and animals. 

Career paths

Entomology involves everything from work in environmental issues, ecology, animal behavior, parasitology, insect-plant interactions to applications in biotechnology, molecular studies, forensics, and medical/veterinary entomology.

1 of 16universities

that offers a bachelor’s degree in entomology.



Hands-on learning

Entomology students have access to Insect Adventure, one of the largest interactive live arthropod exhibits in the country. You will have the opportunity to work at Insect Adventure on public engagement or with faculty-guided research projects in forensics, medical/veterinary sciences, molecular, ecology, conservation, stored products and applied agriculture.

Fast fact

OSU is one of only 16 universities in the nation with an entomology major and has the  largest enrollment.


Real-world experience

The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology offers hands-on opportunities, interactive learning, laboratory rotations and summer employment within the department, so you’ll be ready for nearly any entomological career, with practical experience. Graduates have gone on to successfully complete veterinary school, medical school, law school, graduate school, military service or have begun their own businesses.

 Entomology students learning from OSU professor


Incoming entomology students receive a scholarship from the department. Based on academic progress and GPA, the scholarship renews each semester.


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