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Architecture lab in session at OSU

What is architectural engineering?

Architectural engineering is a profession that combines the art and science known as architecture with a detailed background in fundamental and applied engineering principles.

Why architectural engineering at OSU?

The mission of the School of Architecture is to prepare future architectural engineers to make vital contributions to humanity through the creation of architecture. In its broadest sense, it involves the creative application of science and technology to the design of structures meant for human occupancy.

Career paths

There are many paths an architectural engineering major can take. Potential jobs include:



ABET accredited Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree.


  • Founded in 1909.
  • Architectural Engineering is a profession that combines the art and science of architecture with a concentration in the application of engineering principles to the creation of structures for human occupancy. Architectural Engineering, therefore, differs from architecture primarily in its focus upon the design of the structural elements, systems and procedures for buildings, rather than the overall design.
  • Architectural engineers practice in a wide variety of professional engineering settings. Engineering consulting firms, architectural firms, industrial and commercial organizations as well as government agencies are all employers of architectural engineers.
  • Architectural Engineering and Architecture students at OSU share much of the same coursework. The Architecture Engineering Program, situated within the School of Architecture, provides OSU architectural engineering graduates with a highly desirable understanding of the overall production of architecture rarely found in other program
  • Architecture Engineering students graduate with an understanding of the myriad of issues that come to bear on the creation of architecture in contemporary society, and thus gain a deep appreciation of the cooperative nature of the professional practice of Architecture.

Results of a OSU Architecture engineering student

Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology offers a variety of competitive scholarships. To learn more, view all CEAT scholarship opportunities.

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