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What is geography?

Studying geography prepares you for a complex and constantly changing future. You will gain an understanding of our global society through traditional topics such as political, urban and economic geography.

Why geography at OSU?

Courses on unique topics such as geography of sport, outdoor recreation, and global environmental change provide you with the skills and tools to succeed in your career. Courses to expect for this major include Physical Geography, Global Sustainability, Political Geography, and Biogeography.

Career paths

Geography is an especially attractive major for liberal arts students. Its body of theory and methodologies provide analytic techniques applicable to a wide range of occupations. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:


3+3Law option for early admission

and the opportunity to complete your undergraduate and law degree in six years instead of seven


  • Center for the application of remote sensing provides research and instructional support to the OSU Department of Geography and OSU campus community in the areas of remote sensing and geographic information systems
  • Donald Hecock Memorial Library, Joe D. Drummond Map Library and OSU Cartography Services are a few of the labs and facilities in the department

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