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What is natural resource ecology and management?

Natural resource ecology and management provides an integrated education in renewable natural resources management, conservation and utilization, and a valuable perspective on critical environmental problems on local, regional and global scales.

Why natural resource ecology and management?

The management of natural resources becomes increasingly important as demands on natural and managed habitats increase. The quality of our lives is directly connected to the health of our ecosystems. Natural resource ecology and management at OSU is designed to give you the tools necessary to understand and apply ecological sciences and principles to benefit mankind and the environment.

Career paths

The professional positions our natural resource ecology and management graduates pursue upon graduation are as varied as the natural resources they wish to protect and enhance. Potential jobs include:

$1.7million in CASNR undergrad scholarships

awarded by the college and its departments annually

Student spotlight

John McQuaig

“My favorite part about my major is the interface between society and the ecosystem services society is founded upon. Whether it’s research or management, the natural resource ecology and management major offers a wide variety of opportunities.”

- John McQuaig
Adair, Oklahoma


Seniors in their final capstone course tackle a real resource management problem for a land or resource agency, working with a professional or private landowner.

Student Involvement

Students in the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management have the opportunity to join and become active members of one of the many student organizations available in the department. Participation in one or more of these organizations provides students the opportunity to attend state, regional or national meetings where they gain valuable advantages through networking, student competitions and interacting with various career-related activities.

Fast fact

The Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management also offers two study abroad courses, one to the Galapagos Islands and the other to the Andes Highlands of Peru. 

Real-world experience

Students in all options are encouraged or required to have internships or professional summer job experience before graduation. This provides students real-world experiences, enhances their educational experience and may lead to permanent employment following graduation. 

OSU students involved in fishery

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