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What is sociology?

Sociology teaches you how to live in a changing world and gives you the abilities to change it. Studying sociology helps you see the world through different perspectives to develop a global, multicultural understanding. Here, you gain the tools for contributing productively and living in a changing world.

Why sociology at OSU?

Sociology majors are competitive candidates in any career path involving creativity, critical thinking, analytical problem-solving, multicultural and global understanding, and verbal and written communication skills. You will develop strong critical-thinking skills, ethical judgment and the ability to work on diverse teams.

Career Paths

With a widely applicable set of skills, our sociology graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:


3+3Law Degree Option

Complete sociology degree (four years) and law degree (three years) in just six years


The Department of Sociology at OSU offers several degree emphasis options, including Anthropology and Applied Sociology. The latter is especially appealing for those seeking real-world employment experience.

  • Courses related to law, crime and social justice, including Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Advanced Forensics and Courts and Judicial Process
  • Social services-applicable courses, like Sociology of Health and Illness, American Marriage, Family and Male-Female Relationships, Social Psychology, and Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Other courses to expect for this major include Social Problems, Social Psychology, Sociology of Aging and Gender and Work


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