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What is sociology?

Studying sociology helps you see the world through different perspectives to develop a global, multicultural understanding. Here, you gain the tools for contributing productively and living in a changing world.

Why sociology at OSU?

Sociology majors are competitive candidates in any career path involving creativity, critical thinking, analytical problem-solving, multicultural and global understanding, and verbal and written communication skills. You will develop strong critical-thinking skills, ethical judgment, and the ability to work on diverse teams.

Career paths

With a widely applicable set of skills, our Sociology graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:


3+3Law option

For early admission. Graduate law school in 6 years.


The Department of Sociology at OSU offers several degree emphasis options, including Anthropology and Applied Sociology. The latter is especially appealing for those seeking real-world employment experience. Sociology teaches you how to live in a changing world and gives you the abilities to change it.



  • Courses related to law, crime, and social justice, including Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Advanced Forensics and Courts and Judicial Process
  • Social services-applicable courses, like Sociology of Health and Illness, American Marriage, Family and Male-Female Relationships, Social Psychology, and Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Other courses to expect for this major include Social Problems, Social Psychology, Sociology of Aging, and Gender and Work

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