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What is biology?

Biology is a broad life science degree. Biologists study the construction, purpose, growth, roots, evolution and dissemination of animals, plants and microscopic organisms.

Why biology at OSU?

As you learn more about the world around you, you learn more about yourself. With a major in biology at OSU, your passion for science and discovery, coupled with our faculty's stellar experience, can propel you forward into many dynamic careers.

Career Paths

Biology graduates are prepared to enter a variety of career fields, including the public and private sector, graduate school or professional programs, such as medical school or veterinary school. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:


awarded by the OSU College of Arts and Sciences in scholarships


Biology students have access to the OSU Collection of Vertebrates (OSU COV). The mission of the (OSU COV) is to house collections as documentation of the vertebrate faunal history and biodiversity of Oklahoma, the United States, and those regions of the world where our faculty and students conduct research and maintain those collections in conditions that promote long-term conservation, education and research.


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