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What is art history?

Art history focuses on the visual arts, and their role in society and culture. Art history offers both a comprehensive insight into human cultural development as well as a uniquely challenging area of study that integrates rigorous analysis with creativity and interpretive thought.

Why art history at OSU?

Here you gain from the experience of a highly-active faculty who exhibit nationally and internationally, and whose scholarly work is consistently cited for its excellence. Beginning your freshman year, the Gardiner Gallery of Art and the Oklahoma State Museum of Art in downtown Stillwater offer you the opportunity to get hands-on experience working as interns, docents, and curators.

Career paths

A degree in the arts allows you to develop strong communication skills – written, spoken, and visual – and gives you experience in problem solving and analysis. Art students develop the ability to manage multiple projects and work successfully in groups. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:

  • Art Teacher
  • Art Historian
  • Museum Educator
  • Curator
  • Ceramic Artist
  • Gallery Director
  • Layout Artist
  • Industrial Designer
  • Print Maker


Pictures of the past

Angus describing his time as an Art HIstory student at OSU

“You get something visual with Art History, letting you into people’s subconscious, rather than reading what they consciously wrote down. You can get into the mind of someone who died hundreds of years ago just by looking at what they created. And that is completely fascinating.”

- Angus Henderson
Art History Alumni

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