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What is agricultural education?

Agricultural educators combine classroom, laboratory instruction, leadership development and experiential learning to offer their students a well-rounded education that will prepare them for college and the workforce.

Why agricultural education at OSU?

Now, more than ever, people of all ages need to understand how agriculture and natural resources impact the quality and abundance of our food supply, personal health, the environment, our economy and national security. Through the implementation of school-based agricultural education, OSU empowers future teachers that have the potential to build human capacity at the local, state and national levels.

Career paths

Agricultural education is the only degree program providing a clear path to certification of school-based agricultural education teachers. However, an agricultural education degree prepares graduates for a variety of careers.


annually awarded by the OSU Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership

Student success

Colton Henry

“Agricultural education goes beyond teaching. It’s truly educating people about agriculture and helping build a bridge of communication between what is in the industry and consumers.”

- Colton Henry
Waterloo, Illinois


Agricultural education is a nationally recognized program of study designed to provide both a comprehensive study in agriculture and an Oklahoma license to teach agricultural education. This license also is recognized as meeting the requirements for initial employment as a teacher in most other states.

Hands-on learning

Students complete 60 hours of early field experience as they prepare to become agricultural education teachers. In addition to youth development experiences, students practice teaching in agricultural education classrooms through a 15-week off-campus student teaching experience.

 OSU Agricultural Education hard at work

Fast fact

The agricultural education faculty have more than 30 years combined teaching experience in school-based agricultural education.

Real-world experience

Students in the department are required to complete an internship or student teaching experience prior to graduation. The opportunity to work at a business or organization in their field of study or to teach in a high school classroom as part of their undergraduate experience prepares students and develops them into well-rounded agricultural professionals.


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