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What is plant and soil sciences?

Plant and soil sciences meets society’s need for food, feed, fiber and fuel through the conservation and management of plant and soil resources.

Why plant and soil sciences at OSU?

As a plant and soil sciences student at OSU, you will experience in field-based classes, numerous laboratory experiments, non-traditional classroom settings and hands-on learning. Students work alongside faculty in areas such as biotechnology, crop production, environmental remediation, plant breeding and genetics, plant physiology, soil chemistry, soil nutrient management, soil physics, water quality and weed science.

Career paths

With institutional instruction, the plant and soil sciences internship program will help you develop technical skills and prepare you for the workforce. The current job market for degree holders in plant and soil sciences remains very strong with current signs pointing to continued growth in the future.


awarded by the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences this year.


Student spotlight

Tucker Cogburn

“Plant and soil sciences is a really hands-on program. The major offers a variety of classes that get you out in the field looking at things you’re going to deal with in your profession.”

- Tucker Cogburn
Abernathy, Texas


The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences is a leader in the field of precision agriculture with the development and implementation of the GreenSeeker and Canopeo technologies.

Fast fact

Currently, wheat varieties developed by OSU total over three million acres of wheat and account for more than 45 percent of Oklahoma wheat acres.


A strong network

Students in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences have access to a strong student network and peer support group. They have the opportunity to interact with and work alongside faculty members in research and Extension activities in both formal and informal settings.

Two students going over seed samples in a classroom

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