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person sorting wheat

What is plant biotechnology and improvement?

The plant biotechnology and improvement option focuses on improving crops to adapt to changing environments through traditional crop breeding or plant biotechnology.

Why plant biotechnology and improvement?

If you want to learn to adapt crops to changes in the environment, you will learn how to breed plants and improve them for specific environments.

Career paths

Our graduates can look forward to a career in one or more of the following fields:


awarded by the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences each year



Precision agriculture

The Department of Plant and Soil Sciences is a leader in the field of precision agriculture with the development and implementation of the GreenSeeker and Canopeo technologies.


Fast fact

Currently, wheat varieties developed by OSU total about 3.1 million acres of wheat and account for more than 45 percent of Oklahoma wheat acres.


A strong network

The department will give you access to a strong student network and peer support group. You will have the opportunity to interact with, and work alongside, faculty members in research and extension activities in both formal and informal settings.

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