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What is biosystems engineering?

The study of biosystems engineering merges engineering and agricultural science to improve our quality of life while maintaining the environment and preserving our natural resources.

Why biosystems engineering at OSU?

Biosystems Engineering's focus is to enhance the production and profitability of agricultural and biological products and the conservation and management of natural resources through teaching, research, and outreach. Biosystems engineers work at the interface of biology and technology to address problems and opportunities related to food, water, energy and the environment – all of which are critical to the future.

Career paths

With a growing population and increased pressure on our natural resources, new technologies and approaches are needed. A high demand for biosystems engineering professionals equates to an opportunity for you to start a rewarding career while solving some of the greatest issues that face our society today. Career opportunities include:

  • Combustion engineer
  • Consultant engineer
  • Design and application engineer
  • Development engineer
  • Environmental agency advisor
  • Field test engineer
  • Food processing consultant
  • Machine systems design engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Pipeline integrity engineer
  • Processing plant manager
  • Water resources engineer


Student Success

Montana Wells student spotlight photo

“We are applying new technologies and new methods within agricultural systems, whether it’s animal systems or food processing systems or even preserving our natural resources through sustainable development. We are on the leading edge of fixing the problems we face in the world when it comes to food, fiber and energy.”

- Montana Wells
Washington, Oklahoma

Polished projects

Students nearing completion of their undergraduate work participate in a design course spanning two semesters. The outcome of this course is a finished design that is presented in a professional manner to their corporate sponsor.


Nationally-accredited program

The bachelor of science degree in biosystems engineering is accredited, along with the other engineering programs in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT), through the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. The Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering and its faculty are housed within the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (DASNR).


Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology offers a variety of competitive scholarships. To learn more, view all CEAT scholarship opportunities.


A strong partnership

The biosystems engineering degree program is jointly administered by the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) and the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT). This relationship means biosystems engineering students benefit from the strengths of both academic colleges. Students receive communication from both academic colleges and are able to take advantage of the services, scholarships and award recognition programs available in both.


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