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Architectural Design Studies

What is architectural design studies?

The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design Studies prepares graduates for a diverse range of fields in the industry of architecture and beyond. There are three concentrations including Design Management, Design Thinking, and Design Culture. The curriculum begins with foundational design and educational coursework that is common across all concentrations. After foundational coursework, students pursue a combination of core and elective coursework specific to the chosen concentration. This degree provides a general understanding of architectural issues for students who wish to pursue a design-related career.

Why architectural design studies at OSU?

Design is integral to many different disciplines, and there are many different career paths linked specifically to the design of the built environment. The Architectural Design Studies degree is geared for students with an appreciation of design that extends across industries and traditional disciplinary boundaries. The program drawsfrom a strong foundation of design studios and design-related courses in the OSU School of Architecture. Additionally, the curriculum provides students with opportunities to take courses from many different departments within OSU. This mixture gives students skills and knowledge closely linked to the built environment, while drawing from a broad range of other influences to prepare them for a wide range of careers.

Career paths

There are many paths an architectural design studies major can take. Potential jobs include:


  • The Design Management and Leadership concentration prepares graduates 
    for careers in design management, design marketing, real estate development, and other strategic design fields. It also prepares students for advanced studies in business, entrepreneurship, and consulting.

  • The Design Thinking and Communication concentration prepares graduates for careers in design thinking, visual communication, allied arts, and other creative design fields. It also prepares students for advanced studies in art, graphics, strategic communication, and fabrication, among other disciplines.

  • The Design, Culture, and Urban Studies concentration  prepares graduates for 
    careers in public space design, planning, and other creative fields in the civic arena. It also prepares students for advanced studies in planning, policy, urban design, and other creative disciplines in the public realm.

Architectural Design Studies


Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology offers a variety of competitive scholarships. To learn more, view all CEAT scholarship opportunities.


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