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What is chemistry?

Chemistry offers you courses to provide comprehensive training in the four chemistry sub-disciplines – analytical, inorganic, organic and physical – and the experience to work safely in a laboratory setting.

Why chemistry at OSU?

With a chemistry degree, you possess an excellent foundation for careers in bioanalytical, catalysts, chemometrics, computational modeling, environmental studies, explosive detection, forensics, main group compounds, materials characterization, pharmaceutical, polymers and separation science. Courses to expect for this major include Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemical and Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds and Quantitative Analysis Laboratory.

Career Paths

Those interested in careers in chemistry should be creative, highly motivated and have an aptitude for solving problems. For some areas of specialization, a background in mathematics, physics or biology may also be essential. Our graduates enjoy successful careers with a variety of employers:

3+3Law option for early admission

and the opportunity to complete your undergraduate and law degree in six years instead of seven


  • Research opportunities starting freshman year with opportunities to present at conference
  • The Oklahoma Statewide Shared Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility provides a diverse array of magnetic resonance research capabilities for routine and advanced analysis of both solutions and solid-state samples

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