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What is philosophy?

Philosophy explores fundamental questions about the world and our place within it. These questions are thousands of years old, and have engaged some of the greatest minds humanity has produced.

Why philosophy at OSU?

Our Philosophy Department is a friendly and intellectually lively community of committed scholars. Our department members mentor students, and the department provides many opportunities for philosophical engagement outside of class. These opportunities include public talks, film screenings, panel discussions, an Ethics Bowl team, an undergraduate philosophy club (Friends of the Forms), an honor society (Phi Sigma Tau), and many more.

Career paths

A philosophical education cultivates key skills that are valuable for individual development and good citizenship. The ability to think carefully, analyze and critically assess arguments and write clearly about complex topics are all skills that are useful in virtually any profession. For this reason, philosophy majors typically outperform most other majors on graduate exams, including the LSAT, GRE and GMAT. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:


allows for early admission


  • Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society
  • The Ethics Center on campus gives you the opportunity to work with professional ethicists, faculty, fellow students, and the general public, providing an environment to analyze and review relevant topics in the field.
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