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What is pre-veterinary?

Pre-veterinary at Oklahoma State is a statement of intent that demonstrates an interest in exploring a professional veterinary education after graduating from OSU. No one major is a better fit for a future veterinary student, and we encourage degree selection based on individual interests, talents and skills. Students may apply to veterinary school from any major at OSU as long as they have completed coursework required for the veterinary application process. 

Why pre-veterinary at OSU?

OSU's pre-veterinary resources help students develop into holistically prepared candidates, provide guidance about the admissions process and help connect students with peers and professional organizations to get involved and learn more about opportunities in the veterinary field.

Career paths

Major choices with a pre-vet option provide students with numerous professional opportunities, whether it be in veterinary medicine or many other fields. Other career opportunities could include:


Early Admission Program

Did you know that OSU has its own College of Veterinary Medicine? The Early Admission Program is an incredible opportunity for students to have a guaranteed spot in the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program once they have completed all requirements.


Pre-Professional Support

We’re here to holistically educate and counsel you while you build toward your future in veterinary medicine. Our Pre-Professional Health & Law Support Services office can help you explore your career options, connect with the veterinary field and prepare for your journey ahead. Our team can also provide support as you apply to veterinary school. 

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Specialized veterinary career preparation

At OSU you can prepare for entry into veterinary school from any of our academic majors by working with your advisor. Some academic studies allow a more direct path, incorporating many prerequisite courses into your regular studies; these options may allow you to choose a specific area of interest and still prepare for a future veterinary medicine professional career.

Pursue your degree of choice and study pre-vet

Did you know OSU undergraduates can pursue any of our 200+ degree programs and qualify as a pre-vet student? Explore all of your options and find the program that best fits your interests and passions.




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