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What is multidisciplinary studies?

This diverse program offers coursework from more than a dozen arts and sciences humanities and social sciences disciplines.

Why multidisciplinary studies at OSU?

The multidisciplinary studies degree builds on the liberal arts and is designed to broaden your education through a variety of courses. Courses to expect for this major include History, Inclusion Leadership, Foreign Languages and Natural Science.

Career Paths

This degree offers a variety of courses to expand students’ perceptions of themselves and the world. Multidisciplinary studies cultivates skills of critical thinking, writing clearly about complex topics in research and analysis. With this combination of skills, students can achieve unique academic and career goals. Our graduates enjoy successful careers in a variety of fields:


available for students to choose 2 areas of concentration, including anthropology, speech, English, history, gender and women's studies, and more


  • Faculty spread across 13 departments with research in American politics, unmanned aerial systems, acting and medieval literature
  • Opportunity to choose two areas of concentration within 18 departments including anthropology, speech, English, history, gender and women's studies and more
  • Multidisciplinary studies cultivates key skills valuable for individual development and good citizenship

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