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What is environmental science?

Environmental science is the study of the natural environment and its processes and interactions, including how humans impact and interact within the environment. The objective is to improve the current and future welfare of humans through the application of science and the development of sound environmental policies.

Why environmental science at OSU?

As an environmental science major at OSU, your courses will involve problem-solving studies related to water and soil quality, economics, environmental policy, political science, resource management and engineering. In addition, you will gain important skills in communication, philosophy, ethics and sociology. An environmental science degree is versatile. Graduates are employed in a wide range of fields and sectors including private, non-profit and government agencies.

Career paths

Over time, people are becoming more aware of the importance of monitoring and protecting the environment in which we live. We are realizing we have a significant impact on the natural environment around us, and global population growth is increasing the demand for positions in the environmental science field.

15%projected job growth

Jobs within the environmental science field are projected to grow about 15 percent through 2022, the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics says

Student success

Janayah Murray, Oklahoma - Environmental science student

“Environmental science is important simply because it’s the environment – it’s what surrounds us. It is the environment, plus the humans and animals who live in it. The environmental science major is about being able to balance what we need with what we want.”

- Janayah Murray
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Many courses in this program are hands-on and designed to get students outside and out of traditional classroom settings. For example, the senior-level capstone class features a team-based project, which helps students develop real-world experience as they work with professionals in environmental science related fields.

A multi-faceted approach

The environmental science undergraduate major is directly supported by faculty from several departments within CASNR: agricultural economics, biosystems and agricultural engineering, entomology and plant pathology, horticulture and landscape architecture, natural resource ecology and management, and plant and soil sciences. The combined efforts and experience of the faculty members provides a unique and multi-faceted approach to learning for students in the degree program.


OSU Students on site learning

Undergraduate research

Students majoring in environmental science benefit from working with faculty who are conducting cutting-edge research involving environmental problems. CASNR has long been committed to fostering research opportunities and partnerships that lead to scholastic achievement, societal improvements, technological innovation and economic revitalization.

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