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Oklahoma State University is a modern land-grant system of interdisciplinary programs that prepares students for success and improves the lives of people in Oklahoma, the nation, and the world through integrated, high-quality teaching, research, and outreach. This mission is manifested in OSU’s app offerings. From the OState app, built to help OSU students navigate the campus and its resources, to faculty-developed research apps to the development projects from our very own App Center - there is something for everyone.

Rave Guardian

Your official safety resources app at OSU

Use Rave Guardian to chat with the OSUPD to send in crime or suspicious activity tips or call their non emergency line. If you have an emergency, dial 911.




Orange Connection

The app for you to stay loyal and true

Never feel disconnected from OSU again with Orange Connection. Read up on the latest campus news, or find an OSU alumni event to attend near you. Alumni members can also access a mobile membership card, access benefits and discounts on the go, and purchase a membership in two easy steps.





Cowboy Legend

Helping you discover what it means to be a true cowboy

The Cowboy Legend app allows OSU students to explore campus and complete more than 80 traditions to enhance their OSU experience. The app also serves as a digital scrapbook chronicling your time as an OSU student.





OSU Research

Connecting you to all things research at OSU

This OSU Research app is the quick reference and informational app for all faculty, staff, students and alumni of Oklahoma State University’s research environment.






Other OSU developed apps

Have a great app idea? The Oklahoma State University App Center is an on campus resource for mobile app development. The center helps individuals build their app ideas and provides grant funding for development.




OKState N Rate Calculator

Using this app, you can enter GreenSeeker sensor data into the calculator tailored for many different crops and regions, and get reliable mid-season fertilizer N rates that will optimize farmer profits.




Protein Optx

Optimize your wheat grain protein using topdress fertilizer N recommendations from OSU based on NDVI data.



Rx Burn Tracker

This app allows the user to monitor fire effects and keep track of prescribed burns.





Sensor based nitrogen rate calculator for winter wheat.




Wildlife Food Plots

This app identifies food plot forages than can be planted for wildlife management.




Plant Nitrogen Recommendations

This app contains a database of SPAD, atLEAF, and Leaf N concentration values for various horticultural crops to be used as a reference for determining plant nitrogen status based on chlorophyll sensor or foliar analysis values.




Oklahoma State 4-H Roundup

Oklahoma State 4-H Roundup is a youth conference for 4-H Members ages 13 – 19 and is held on the Oklahoma State University Campus.





Use this app to quantify the percent canopy cover of live green vegetation for any agricultural crop, turf, or grassland based on downward-facing photos taken with your mobile device.





Poinsettia Care Tips

This app is designed to assist homeowners with care of their potted poinsettias.




Ammonia Loss

Accurate estimates of ammonia volatilization losses from surface applications of urea in agriculture.



Crop Nutrients in Irrigation Water

With the input of laboratory results and an expected irrigation by the user this app will provide an estimated amount of nutrients delivered with every acre of water applied and total pounds per acre per season.





The FARRM Game teaches users about price and risk management using data from Oklahoma farms and ranches.



NPK Field Guide

Oklahoma Nutrient Management Field Guide App is a mobile version of a printed handbook.



IFSTA Interactive Dictionary

The IFSTA Interactive Dictionary contains over 7,500 terms from the IFSTA Library. Master fire service terminology by creating flash cards and quizzes.



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