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Cowboy Covenant-an Oklahoma's Promise Partnership



OSU remains dedicated to a high-quality, yet affordable education. The Cowboy Covenant Programs helps make that possible for Oklahoma's Promise recipients by offering an additional $1,000 award per year for p to four academic years or 120 semester hours attempted (whichever occurs first). This $1,000 award is in addition to any other OSU scholarships for which eligible students would normally qualify. 

Eligibility requirements

  • Oklahoma's Promise recipient
  • Fully admitted to OSU*
  • Eligible for Oklahoma's Promise payment each semester
  • File the FAFSA each academic year at OSU and demonstrate financial need
  • Enroll as a full-time undergraduate each semester (fall/spring)

*Students admitted under the Alternative Admit provision are not considered to be fully admitted for purposes of Oklahoma's Promise or for Cowboy Covenant during their first semester at OSU. 


Additional information on Oklahoma's Promise: 

Oklahoma's Promise FAQ

Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education: Oklahoma's Promise


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