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Adjustments to cost of attendance

As a student, you may request a cost of attendance adjustment to reflect a certain classification or benefit you are receiving. For some of those adjustments the costs must exceed what is in your current cost of attendance. Keep in mind that your request may or may not result in adjustments to aid depending on Federal/State policies and regulations. 

To apply, submit a written request or email to our office after the third week of classes for the semester, unless otherwise noted below. You will need to include the semester you are requesting the adjustment for. See below for the different types of requests that are allowed by federal law and the documentation requested.


  • Actual tuition and fees: If your tuition and fees are higher than the amount figured within the Cost of Attendance, you can request for an adjustment based on your actual tuition and fees. 
  • Change of housing: If your housing situation has changed from what is currently reflected on your cost of attendance budget, you will need to request a change to your housing status. You can view your housing budget on your Financial Aid portal under the "Offer" tab. Once we receive the request, further documentation may be requested. 
    • Depending on your eligibility as determined by the FAFSA, a change to your housing status may or may not affect the amount of aid that you are eligible for. If a housing status change affects the amount or type of aid offered, you should expect to receive a revised aid offer. Housing cost estimates are strictly estimates and will vary depending on your specific housing situation. 
        • The housing status options for financial aid are: 
          • On Campus
          • Off Campus
          • With Parent/Guardian
          • On Campus with Dependents
  • Actual books, course materials, supplies and equipment: You will need to include documentation from your professor of the class to confirm the required books, course materials, supplies and equipment costs and receipt of these expenses.
  • Commuter/travel: These costs must be required for your classes. To request, please contact our office. 
  • Vet Med students: These costs may include commuting from outside of the Stillwater or Tulsa campuses to respective classes at the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. As a 4th year student on clinical rotations, we have included travel costs in your estimated cost of attendance.
  • Dependent care: The term "dependent" applies not only to children, but can include an elderly or disabled adult (including the student's spouse). To qualify, the dependent must be included in the student's household size on the FAFSA. These costs can be included when not covered by other sources. Complete the: 
  • Medical/dental expenses: You will need to provide statement(s) from medical professionals regarding required treatment as well as copies of invoices, medical bills, prescription receipts, etc.
    • Costs must occur during the academic year the student is requesting the cost of attendance adjustment.
    • Costs must be for the student only (not spouse, parent, or other dependent)
    • Costs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Computer: This is a generally a one-time request per degree. The maximum allowable costs may vary based on the program of study and requirements for a personal computer. To request, please contact our office. This request can be done before the 3rd week of the semester. In general, the maximum allowable increase is $1000. Some exceptions:
    • Architecture: maximum allowable increase is $2700
    • Art with a concentration in Graphic Design: maximum allowable increase is $4400
    • College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology majors: maximum allowable increase is $2400
    • Any other program that requires costs above the $1000 maximum not listed here must be documented by the department, and included with the student's request.
  • Professional Pilot flight lab increase: Students who need additional financial assistance due to flight laboratory expenses because they are required for the Aerospace Administration and Operations Major and Professional Pilot option may submit this form for consideration. These additional costs may only be evaluated for the semester in which the student is enrolled in and participating in the flight laboratory. Only one increase per specific flight laboratory may be processed, no matter the number of times the course is attempted.
  • 2023-2024 Request for Flight Lab Increase (PDF)
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