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OSU Transfer Pass/No-Pass Grades

Many higher education institutions across the globe are using a variety of pass/no-pass or pass/fail grades for spring 2020 classes due to the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, and offering flexibility to students who are caught in difficult circumstances beyond their control.


For information about how your courses count once they transfer over, contact your admissions counselor and we can help you get in touch with your academic student services center.



How Pass/No Pass Works for Transfers to OSU

All spring 2020 courses, including transfer courses receiving passing (P) grades will count toward degree requirements, including requirements where a minimum grade of C is required.


The P/NP grading option converts assigned letter grades to either a P (passing) or NP (not passing) grade, both of which are GPA-neutral and ignored by GPA calculations. P grades are considered passing, and transfer courses with P grades will count in earned hours and toward degree requirements. An NP grade indicates “no pass” and indicates unsatisfactory work in courses on the pass/no-pass grading system. No credit is earned for courses with NP grades, and they will not meet degree requirements. Transfer courses with NP grades are ignored in GPA calculations.


Transfer courses with NP grades are automatically excluded from the GPA and have an inherent “forgiveness” similar to courses with an original grade of D or F that are subsequently repeated and qualify to be excluded from the GPA according to the OSU repeat policy. Courses with NP grades will not count toward the maximum four course, 18 hour repeat limit. Repeated courses with a P grade will be treated similar to repeated courses with a grade of C or better, except that P grades are ignored in GPA calculations.


Frequently asked questions

More questions? We’re here to help. Contact your admissions counselor.

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