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International financial aid

Students from over 100 countries and every region of the world call Oklahoma State University home for their studies. 

Apply for admission

When you apply for admission at OSU, you're automatically applying for scholarships as well. See our international application deadlines to be considered for scholarships at OSU.

  • OSU application
  • International scholarships
  • Required documents

    Keep in touch with Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate College for information on the Financial Guarantee and official documents needed. 

    Federal Student Aid programs

    A student must be a citizen or eligible noncitizen to receive aid from the Federal Student Aid programs. The general requirement for eligible noncitizens is that they be in the U.S. for other than a temporary pur­pose with the intention of becoming a citizen or lawful permanent resi­dent, as evidenced by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).


    Scholarship deadlines

    • Nov 1-Early opportunity scholarship deadline

      Make sure you've submitted every part of the admissions application and submitted the FAFSA with OSU's school code of 003170. Meeting this deadline assures you have taken the best steps towards all the financial aid and scholarship resources OSU has to offer. Getting things done by November 1 means you are at the front of the line. 

    • Feb 1-Priority scholarship deadline

      Applications received after February 1 may not be considered for all scholarship programs and will be considered only if funds remain. Make sure you have sent a new transcript from your high school showing your Fall grades. Keep an eye on your for updates. 

    • June 1-OSU Decision Date*

      Some scholarships and financial aid must be accepted by June 1 or they may be cancelled. It's also important for incoming freshmen to register for housing and New Student Orientation.


      *Dates have been modified for fall of 2020 to provide relief for students due to COVID-19. 

    • August 14-Final scholarship deadline*

      Last day to submit application materials, such as updated test scores or transcripts, for final scholarship consideration. OSU will accept the July 18 national ACT test scores for scholarship consideration for fall 2020.*


      *Dates have been modified for fall of 2020 to provide relief for students due to COVID-19. 

    • Entering in the Spring semester? 

      The absolute scholarship deadline for entering OSU in the Spring is the Friday before the semester begins, which is January 11, 2019. All information must have been postmarked prior to this date as well. See the academic calendar here.



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