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Finding solutions to our world's most pressing questions.
When life poses questions, where do we go for answers? At Oklahoma State University, we turn to research for many of those solutions. From how to grow a better grain of wheat to the solutions for faster and more accurate weather forecasts, our experts develop answers to help address society’s most pressing needs. Our ideas are bold and bright as an Oklahoma sunrise. When the world asks the question, Orange is the Answer.
Chemical Engineering students doing research in the Chemical Engineering lab at OSU..

Where do we find

the state's leader in Aerospace Innovation?
When it comes to excellence in aerospace research, OSU reaches new heights. From unmanned aerial vehicle partnerships with industry leaders to our ongoing multiple projects with NASA, our research expertise is fueling local economies and tomorrow’s discoveries. When the state asks for aerospace innovation, Orange is the Answer.

Who stepped up to lead

during a global pandemic?
When our state needed solutions for COVID testing, Oklahoma State University provided the answer. Our medical and veterinary researchers teamed up to create the state’s largest diagnostics lab to process COVID tests and deliver crucial results in an unprecedented time. When Oklahoma faces hard questions, Orange is the Answer.

From the Green Revolution,

to the food sources of the future.
When the world's food supply is affected by everything from climate change to widespread crop diseases, orange is the answer. At Oklahoma State University, the Ferguson College of Agriculture is breaking ground and paving the way for the agricultural economy of the future. When Oklahoma needs agricultural research, Orange is the Answer.
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