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Orange is the Answer

With the largest and oldest aerospace engineering program in the state, OSU has long been a global leader in aerospace, defense and aviation research, conducting large-scale research with the FAA, Air Force, Navy, Army, and Special Operations Command. OSU faculty members conduct research with such industry partners as Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, Kratos, Skydweller, Zivco, Frontier Electronics Corp., Vigilant Aerospace Systems, Toyota and many others.  

Who leads aerospace in Oklahoma?

Orange is the Answer. The Oklahoma Aerospace Institute for Research and Education is leading the way in Advanced Air Mobility, which will revolutionize the use of drones in daily life. With $38.2 million in recent federal grants, OSU — as part of the Tulsa Regional Advanced Mobility Corridor — will help create the next intersection point between aerospace and intelligence by furthering drone technology.

Where does the state turn to foster growth in the aerospace industry?

Orange is the Answer. Oklahoma State University has unveiled the creation of the new Oklahoma Aerospace Institute for Research and Education aimed at supporting aerospace industry growth in Oklahoma and beyond. From K-12 enrichment and workforce development, through faculty and graduate research to groundbreaking innovations in industry partnerships, we are leading the state to advance this important economic engine.

When NASA needs research, where does it turn?

Orange is the Answer. OSU is the only university with two research projects through NASA’s EPSCoR program that have been aboard the International Space Station. The first was a radiation dosimeter designed to help understand and eventually limit astronauts’ radiation exposure. The other was a lightweight radiation shielding material with the potential to replace aluminum as the outer skin of a spacecraft.
Astronaut with Pistol Pete badge on zero gravity suit

Where can we find state-of-the-art aerospace research facilities?

Orange is the Answer.
ENDEAVOR is a three-story, 72,000-square-foot laboratory where students can take classroom theories and apply them with hands-on learning.
EXCELSIOR is part of OSU’s Unmanned Systems Research Institute. It provides high-level educational opportunities for research related to the environment, ecology, weather, climate change and national security. 
DISCOVERY is a collaborative research, innovation, extension, and STEM hub for Oklahoma State University’s College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology.

Where can Boeing, NASA, and OSU come together?

Orange Is the Answer. OSU and Boeing have formed a partnership to fund an internship for a Native American high school student to work at OSU's Unmanned Systems Research Institute (USRI). Students will work directly with employees at NASA during the internship and test devices to fly aircraft on Mars, Venus and Titan.

Ready to study aerospace engineering?

OSU offers industry-leading partnerships in aerospace and we've invested in state-of-the-art facility to ensure our students maximize their potential. Start your adventure in space today.
Students showing off their unmanned aircraft project

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