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A bold aspiration

Oklahoma State University intends to become the nation's preeminent Land-Grant university
From their founding in the nineteenth century, Land-Grant universities have carried a distinctly American charge captured in the words of the Morrill Act of 1862: 

“to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life.” 

Through teaching, research and Extension, the Land-Grant institutions steward a timeless responsibility:  to raise successive generations of servant-leaders; to engage as vital members of their communities; to bring research and new knowledge to better prepare students for the world they will enter; and to extend critical knowledge and expertise to meet society’s most pressing problems — the “Grand Challenges” facing civilization.

The Land-Grant's three-part mission for the 21st century

Teaching • Research • Extension
Oklahoma State University embraces its tripartite mission —  deriving from its distinctive Land-Grant calling – even as it re-imagines its application for the 21st century and the Grand Challenges it presents. As it teaches, researches and extends its knowledge and expertise to communities near and far, OSU recommits to creative excellence in all three phases of its mission.

OSU's Land-Grant commitments

Animating Oklahoma State’s clear commitment to the Land-Grant ethic are certain practical, actionable strategic principles.


Imperative 1: Enroll a minimum of 5,000 new first-year students by the fall of 2026 at the Stillwater campus.

Student Success

Imperative 2: Increase six-year graduation rate 10% by 2027 through a comprehensive retention strategy.

Cowboy Culture

Imperative 3: Compete with integrity and excellence.

The Ideal Graduate

Imperative 4: Create graduates who exhibit the four competencies of 1) Professional Preparedness, 2) Engaged Citizenship, 3) Ethical Leadership and 4) Personal Responsibility.


Imperative 5: Align curriculum and programming to support the generation of Ideal Graduates and to advance the Land-Grant mission.


Imperative 6: Elevate OSU among the ranks of R1 universities and leverage this top-tier status to advance research that impacts society.


Imperative 7: Elevate and amplify Extension.

A True System for Oklahoma

Imperative 8: Create an effective and efficient OSU system.



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