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Faculty Fellows for Strategic Initiatives


The strategy’s implementation will be led by Faculty Fellows appointed to lead working groups under each Priority Area and Imperative. 


A significant amount of time was spent during the final weeks of the fall 2022 semester and in early January 2023 reviewing and evaluating the multiple applications received for the positions announced last fall. We are pleased to announce that Faculty Fellows have been selected to oversee the interdisciplinary priority areas identified in the OSU system-wide strategy.


These individuals will be charged with engaging their faculty, colleagues, staff and academic and student leaders in thoughtful discussions as strategic initiatives are explored, developed and implemented.


Faculty members identified for fellowship opportunities were notified just prior to the start of the spring semester and as of Friday, January 20, the following faculty have accepted fellowship appointments. 


Guiding General Education Reform

Faculty Fellow:  Dr. Tamara Mix, Professor and Head, Sociology


Leading in Aerospace Innovation and Application

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Brian Elbing, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Enriching and Integrating the Arts

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Rebecca Brienen, Professor and Associate Dean, Art, Art History and Graphic Design


Powering a Growing World Population Sustainably and Responsibly

Faculty Fellow: Dr. James Knapp, Professor, Geology


Enhancing Human and Animal Health – OneHealth

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Ashish Ranjan, Professor and Director, Physiological Sciences


Expanding Opportunities for K-12 STEM Education

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Susan Stansberry, Professor, Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation


Innovating to Nourish the World

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Sam Emerson, Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences


Preparing the Future Workforce

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Steph Link, Associate Professor, English


Elevating and Amplifying Extension

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Randy Taylor, Professor, Biosystems and Ag Engineering


Creating Servant-Leaders and Engaged Citizens

Faculty Fellow: Dr. Matt Bowler, Associate Professor, Management

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