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OSU Class of 2025 at Boone Pickens Stadium

A true university system for Oklahoma

To meet the high demands of its unique calling, Oklahoma State University commits to presenting the State with an effective and efficient University system – a multi-campus expression of the Land-Grant mission that is nimble, responsive and deeply embedded in the community and the economy. Through digital transformation and using the power of its campus network in Stillwater, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Okmulgee, and the Center for Health Sciences, Oklahoma State University will touch every corner of the state and steward limited resources to world-class effect.

Imperative 8

Create an effective and efficient OSU system

Objective 1: Maximize and align the use of technology across campuses.

To drive coherence and coordination of data and systems across locations, OSU will create a Technology Leveraging Council composed of internal and external stakeholders and authorized to make meaningful decisions in pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency.


Objective 2: Drive a Start Orange/Finish Orange ethos with seamless support across campuses.

Irrespective of which campus a student engages, OSU will assure that programming and support make it logical and accessible for them to complete their ultimate educational aims within the OSU system.


Objective 3: Coordinate career preparation and placement across system campuses.

To assure graduating Cowboys are positioned for success and impact as they enter their careers, OSU commits to building on the success of Hire OSU Grads – extending those resources to all campuses and integrating with industry-specific employer-partners in each location.

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