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Committee Members

Jeanette Mendez, PhD

Co-chair, Provost and Vice President

Jerome Loughridge

Co-chair and Senior Vice President of Operations

Chris Ormsbee, PhD

Associate Provost

Tom Coon, PhD

Vice President, Dean and Director, Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Paul Tikalsky, PhD

Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology

Keith Garbutt, PhD

Dean, Honors College

Gina Peek, PhD

Immediate past chair, Faculty Council

Tashia Cheves

Immediate past chair, Staff Advisory Council

Doug Hallenbeck, PhD

Vice President, Student Affairs

Jawauna Harding

Manager, Career Services in Athletics

James (Jim) Hess, EdD

Director, School of Healthcare Administration

Christie Hawkins, PhD

Associate Vice President, Institutional Research and Analytics

Stacie Warner

Graduate student

Jack Edwards

Undergraduate student


Strategy Working Groups


Shaping Enrollment for Optimal Success

  • Dr. Thomas Coon
  • Tashia Cheves
  • Dr. Chris Francisco
  • Dr. Jam Khojastech
  • Libby Reigh
  • Jennifer McClendon
  • Chad Blew
  • Dr. Jovette Dew
  • Missy Wikle
  • Dr. Vivian Wang
  • Ebonie Hill


Retaining & Graduating Our Students

  • Dr. Chris Ormsbee
  • Jack Edwards
  • Dr. Cynda Clary
  • Larry Burns
  • Dr. Wyatt Hoback
  • Dr. Amy Martindale
  • Dr. Abbey Davis
  • Dr. Tonya Hammer
  • Dr. Rob Lofton
  • Dr. Leon McClinton
  • Justin Morris


Teaching & Developing the Ideal Graduate

  • Dr. Douglas Hallenbeck
  • Jawauna Harding
  • Latasha Tasci
  • Dr. Udaya DeSilva
  • Dr. Erika Lutter
  • Dr. Alexis Washington
  • Dr. Heather Fahlenkamp
  • Dr. Carol Powers
  • Dr. Richard Frohock
  • Andrew McGee
  • Dr. John Mark Day


Pursuing Research that Impacts Society

  • Dr. Paul Tilkalsky
  • Stacie Warner
  • Dr. Gail Wilson
  • Dr. Steph Link
  • Dr. Jacqueline Vadjunec
  • Dr. Rebecca Eastham
  • Dr. Jeff Stroup
  • Dr. Jason DeFreitas
  • Dr. Clarke Iakovakis
  • Dr. Veronique Lacombe
  • Dr. Ron Van Den Bussche


Re-imagining a 21st Century Extension

  • Dr. Keith Garbutt
  • Dr. Gina Peek
  • Dr. Steve Beck
  • Dr. Colony Fugate
  • Dr. Ron Cox
  • Dr. Josh Ramsey
  • Andrew Ranson
  • Josh Taylor
  • Dr. Kim Barron
  • Zach Miles
  • Dr. Lyndi Gilliam


Building an Effective & Efficient System

  • Dr. Christie Hawkins
  • Dr. Jim Hess
  • Dr. Raj Murthy
  • Casey Shell
  • Jean Kerr-Hunter
  • Dr. Ina Agnew
  • Dr. Susan Johnson
  • Michael Widell
  • Jason Ramsey
  • Dr. Jeanine Porck

Steering committee members are in bold.


Strategic Initiatives Working Groups

Strategic Initiative #1

Increase outreach to underserved communities.


  • Dr. Matt Lovern - Co-leader 
  • Dr. Clyde Wilson - Co-leader
  • Kristen Kulling
  • Ciara Speight
  • Lisa Crane
  • Dr. Josh Ramsey
  • Kristi Seuhs
  • Grace Pack
  • Dr. Jovette Dew
  • Dr. Tina Newton


Strategic Initiative #3

Develop an outreach and enrollment strategy for the Tulsa campus.


  • Nekki Reagan-Neeley - Co-leader 
  • Chris Campbell - Co-leader
  • Philip Curry
  • Hope Geiger
  • Rachel Eng
  • Jeff Hartman
  • Kelsey Pitts
  • Dr. Christine Ormsbee
  • Dr. Jim Smay
  • Dr. Khaled Sallam
  • Dr. Tom Brown
  • Dr. Michael Stuart
  • Dr. Tonya Hammer
  • Dr. Mallory Casebolt
  • Dr. Trey Hill
  • Dr. Bob Firth
  • Rob Lofton


Strategic Initiative #5

Increase retention and graduation rates.


  • Dr. Marlys Mason - Co-leader
  • Dr. Jill Joyce - Co-leader 
  • Alysia Ropp
  • Dr. Joe Haley
  • Dr. Howard Sanborn
  • Dr. Lynn Boorady
  • Amy Martindale
  • Scott King
  • Melissa Cooper
  • Dr. Darius Prier
  • Dr. Sundar Madihally
  • Dr. Christopher Haygood
  • Dr. Jon Ramsey
  • Rita Peaster
  • Teri Cocke

Strategic Initiative #2

Improve the conversion rate of student prospects into enrolled students by strategically addressing all aspects of the student experience. 


  • Erin Petrotta - Co-leader
  • Dr. Josh Taylor - Co-leader
  • Kenzie Kepple
  • Kala Davis
  • Jenny Thoma
  • Dr. Sheri Vasinda
  • Elizabeth Payne
  • Linda Millis
  • Jessica Medina
  • James Powell
  • Karla Gutierrez
  • Shawna Goodwin
  • Chad Blew
  • Dr. Aleigha Mariott
  • Brenda Dawes
  • Jennifer McClendon
  • Dr. Nate Todd
  • Dr. Aditya Jayadas
  • David Mariott
  • Aryanna Tapp


Strategic Initiative #4

Create a more cohesive advising structure across campus, including the creation of a centralized first-year advising team under Student Success.


  • Dr. Shannon Baker - Leader
  • Nick Holmes
  • Larry Burns
  • Brenda Dawes
  • Marissa McIntyre
  • Dr. Gretchen Mafi
  • Tom Joyce
  • Travis Herhold
  • Dr. Caleb Hamman
  • Lucy Berger
  • Dr. Adrienne Sanogo
  • Dr. John Andrews
  • Lindsey Brownlow
  • Dr. Jason Belden
  • Nathan Richardson

Strategic Initiative #6

Explore opportunities to improve efficiencies across all colleges and divisions under the domain of the Office of the Provost.



Specific areas of focus: Staff level duplications, process/technology efficiencies, and administrative efficiencies across all colleges and divisions.


  • Joe Diaz - Leader
  • Dr. Todd Misener
  • Dr. Julie Swaringim-Griffin
  • Jeannette Parrish
  • Dr. Maureen Sullivan
  • Dr. Chad Depperschmidt
  • Michelle Stewart
  • Dr. Erica Townsend
  • Jason Pogue
  • Kristi Wheeler


Specific area of focus: Program/non-Gen Ed course duplication across the entire university.


  • Kenneth Kern - Leader 
  • Dr. Dani Bellmer
  • Dr. Keith Garbutt
  • Dr. Tieming Liu
  • Jeremy Minyard

Strategic Initiatives Working Groups as of January 2024.

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