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Approved by A&M Board of Regents on April 24, 2015.



Building on its land-grant heritage, Oklahoma State University promotes learning, advances knowledge, enriches lives, and stimulates economic development through teaching, research, extension, outreach, and creative activities. 



Oklahoma State University will lead in the creation of a better Oklahoma, nation, and world by advancing the quality of life for all, and will fulfill the obligations of a first-class, land-grant educational institution. 


Core Values

  • Community  We foster a strong sense of community based on shared governance among students, faculty, staff, and administrators, which allows us to expand our intellectual and interpersonal horizons in a safe, friendly, and supportive learning environment.

  • Excellence – We seek excellence in all our endeavors; we are committed to continuous improvement.

  • Diversity – We respect and value the diversity of individuals, beliefs, and opinions.

  • Integrity – We are committed to the principles of truth and honesty; we will be equitable, ethical, and professional.

  • Service – We believe that serving others is a noble and worthy endeavor and is one of the distinguishing features of a land-grant institution.

  • Intellectual Freedom – We believe in ethical and scholarly questioning in an environment that respects the rights of all to freely pursue knowledge.

  • Stewardship of Resources – We are dedicated to the efficient and effective use of resources and sustainability practices to conserve those resources.  We accept responsibility of the public’s trust and are accountable for our actions. 


Core Goals

1. Academic Excellence 

Achieve academic excellence at the highest levels of teaching, research, scholarship, and creative activities through the creation, acquisition, and application of knowledge.


Strategic and tactical goals in support of academic excellence:

  1. Provide support for effective approaches in the teaching of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students

  2. Provide support for research, scholarship, and creative activities

  3. Effectively assess student learning and provide resources for improving outcomes at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels

  4. Garner external resources to support academic initiatives and priorities 

2. Student Success

Recruit, retain, and graduate diverse students in a supportive environment that promotes scholarship, creativity, ethical leadership, meaningful service and civic engagement; encourages excellence and innovation; empowers health and wellbeing; prepares students for purposeful careers; enriches personal growth; and fosters discovery of knowledge.


Strategic and tactical goals in support of student success:

  1. Continue programs to enhance learning, increase retention, and improve graduation rates

  2. Identify, recruit, develop, and mentor potential scholars and emerging leaders

  3. Recruit and retain diverse students, faculty, staff, and administrators

  4. Advocate and utilize a student development model that enhances academic success, leadership, service, and civic engagement; helps students discover their purpose and passions; broadens their horizons through art, music, cultural exploration, and international travel, service, and study; and strengthens wellness

  5. Create and nurture a climate of acceptance, respect, trust, and comfort that fosters the success of individual

3. Community Engagement 

Engage external individuals and organizations through collaboration, outreach, and extension that enhances the quality of life in Oklahoma, the nation, and the world by contributing to the human, economic, and cultural development of our citizens.


Strategic and tactical goals in support of community engagement:

  1. Continue needs assessment for the people and groups that the University serves and proceed with plans for meeting those needs

  2. Cultivate the organizational structure to provide easy mechanisms for external partners to collaborate with and gain access to the University

  3. Utilize the University’s resources to serve Oklahoma’s economic development goals

  4. Develop, support, and promote the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity

  5. Proudly message OSU achievements and innovations, as well as contributions made locally and globally through service and engagement 

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