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Academic Common Market

The Academic Common Market is an affordable way to attend college and pursue a degree that is not offered in your home state. Out-of-state students from 15 participating southern states can enroll at Oklahoma State University and pay the in-state tuition rate. OSU has a number of popular programs available for residents of states participating in the Southern Regional Education Board.


Getting started

The first step to participating in the Academic Common Market is to visit the Southern Regional Education Board website and search for the program that interests you. You can also see the programs available at OSU (at time of publishing) for students in the states below by clicking on your home state.


You can see the full list of OSU degree options offered through the ACM and if there is a program you'd like to pursue, please visit the higher education agency in your state to see if you may be eligible for in-state tuition* while pursuing that program at OSU.


*The Academic Common Market waives all of the out-of-state portion of tuition and automatically replaces any other tuition waiver scholarships, including the Out-of-State Achievement scholarship and the Alumni Legacy Scholarship. 


OSU academic programs available in the following states:










South Carolina




West Virginia




*Students must contact their state's ACM office to request approval for these programs.


Once you have identified your targeted program at OSU, it is very important to contact your home state’s education board to find the exact enrollment requirements and applicable deadlines for your state.


Each state administers ACM differently, so there is no standard process, but generally you must apply and be admitted to your selected major at OSU to receive final approval from your state to receive benefits from the ACM program. To determine what your state requires, you must check with your state education board contact. If your state requires more than your OSU admission letter, you can request an enrollment certification letter from the Office of the Registrar following orientation and enrollment. The Registrar will send an enrollment certification letter directly to your state education board in just a few days, which will be your final step to receive the ACM waiver. 


If your state approves the ACM program, the state education board will send a form to the OSU Office of Academic Affairs. The Provost’s office forwards that documentation to the Registrar to process the out-of-state tuition waiver.


Frequently asked questions

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