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Mary Smith

Executive Financial Assistant | 107 Whitehurst Hall | 405.744.1659 |


This position is responsible for coordination of financial and personnel matters in the President’s Office and other areas that report directly to this office. In addition, this position serves as the procurement officer for the office and oversees scanning and records management.


Debbie Lane

Executive Assistant to the President | 107 Whitehurst Hall | 405.744.6384 |


The President’s Executive Assistant is responsible for reviewing and coordinating all information that is received and disseminated by the President.  This includes mail, email, correspondence, as well as requests for President’s signature.  In addition, this position coordinates the preparation of background and materials for the President’s executive meetings, as well as OSU/A&M Board of Regents meetings, and handles communications for the President with the Board, State Regents and donors.  


Melissa Meridith

Executive Administrative Assistant | 107 Whitehurst Hall | 405.744.6386 |


This position is responsible for coordination of the President’s schedule and is the primary contact for all appointment requests and invitations. Prepares and organizes materials needed for President’s daily schedule. This position also helps coordinate Senior Vice President/General Counsel Gary Clark’s calendar, receives and routes President’s Office mail, and is the initial point of contact for all visitors/callers to the President’s Office.

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