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Innovative. Visionary. Modern. Our executive leadership team applies these principles in a creative environment of knowledge, vision and personal growth.

President Burns Hargis

As the 18th president of OSU, President Hargis has continued our success and created a bold vision for us as a modern, land-grant university that cuts across disciplines to better prepare students for success.

Interim Provost
Jeanette Mendez

Mendez joined the OSU faculty in 2005 and is currently vice provost of undergraduate education. She is also a professor of political science. Previously she served as interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, associate dean of research and facilities for the College of Arts and Sciences and department head of political science.


Our core values serve as the guidelines for our leadership team as they determine the most beneficial actions to take for our university. Our leadership structure supports collaboration and communication, which allows each person on the team to play a significant role in maintaining the level of excellence developed at OSU. Working together, this team makes the future of OSU their top priority.

Joseph B. Weaver Jr.

Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance

Gary C. Clark

Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Dr. Doug Hallenbeck

Vice President, Student Affairs

Dr. Thomas Coon

Vice President & Dean, Division of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

Mike Holder

Vice President, Athletic Programs/Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Kyle Wray

Vice President, Enrollment & Brand Management

Dr. Kenneth W. Sewell

Vice President, Research

Dr. Jason F. Kirksey

Vice President, Institutional Diversity

Ann Hargis

First Cowgirl

Other OSU institutions

Brad Williams

President, OSU-Oklahoma City

Dr. Bill R. Path

President, OSUIT

Dr. Pamela Fry

President, OSU-Tulsa

Kayse M. Shrum, D.O.

President, OSU Center for Health Sciences


Academic leadership

Dr. Glen Krutz

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Stephan Wilson

Interim Dean, College of Education and Human Sciences

Dr. Paul Tikalsky

Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology

Dr. Randy Kluver

Dean, School of Global Studies and Partnerships

Dr. Sheryl Tucker

Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate College

Dr. Keith Garbutt

Dean, Honors College

Sheila Grant Johnson

Dean of Libraries

Dr. Ken Eastman

Dean, Spears School of Business

Dr. Carlos Risco

Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine

A topiary spells out OSU on campus.
As a vital member of the OSU/A&M Board of Regents, OSU provides support and resources to the board creating a beneficial relationship for all organizations.
  • Calvin J. Anthony, At-Large Appointment
  • Billy G. Taylor, Second Congressional District
  • Rick Davis, Vice Chairman, At-Large Appointment
  • Dr. Trudy Milner, Vice Chair, First Congressional District
  • Jarold Callahan, Fifth Congressional District
  • Joe D. Hall, At-Large Appointment
  • Jimmy Harrel, Third Congressional District
  • Rick Walker, Fourth Congressional District
  • Blayne Arthur, President, State Board of Agriculture
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