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The Year of the Cowboy

Celebrating 100 years of Frank Eaton's legacy
A special tradition was born in the early 1920s when Oklahoma State University (then Oklahoma A&M College) began searching for a new mascot. The true roots of Pistol Pete date back to a century ago. The character of Pistol Pete originated from Frank B. Eaton. In the 1920s, Eaton was involved in the Armistice Day Parade in Stillwater and OSU’s Homecoming Parade. This well-known and admired cowboy passed away in 1958 — that same year, Charlie Lester appeared as OSU’s first Pistol Pete mascot.
Eaton will always be remembered, and “Pistol Pete” continues to serve as a symbol of the cowboy spirit now and forever.

Schedule of Events

Commemorating Cowboy history
Hold on to your cowboy hats as we gear up to pay homage to our cherished Cowboy history! We plan to celebrate this milestone with special events, exclusive memorabilia and more. This year's Homecoming theme is inspired by Pistol Pete's anniversary. 
Year of the Cowboy logo

Pistol Pete then and now

The evolution of the Pistol Pete logo
From Fuzzy Chaps Pete (1950s) to Smooth Chaps Pete (1980s) and White Shirt Muscle Pete (2000s), Pete has undergone a captivating transformation, reflecting the spirit of each era.

Journey through the years

Video features highlighting our favorite Cowboy

Picking Pistol Pete Trailer

OSU Max takes you behind the scenes of Pistol Pete tryouts with exclusive access as Pete's numbers 95 and 96 are selected for the 2023-24 school year. Enjoy watching the process as part of a four-part series with the OSU Spirit Squads.

24 Hours with Pistol Pete

Meghan Robinson spent 24 hours with the students behind the head, Parker Wilson and Michael Albright, to see what it takes to be the face of the university.

Frank Eaton Inducted into Hall of Great Westerners

On April 9, 2022, Eaton was inducted into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Hall of Great Westerners.

The Face of Frank

The story behind Oklahoma State University's mascot, Pistol Pete, and his namesake, Frank Eaton.

Auditioning to Become Pistol Pete

Behind the scenes of the process to become the most famous face on campus. 

Preserving Pistol Pete's Head

Ali Brooks interviews costumer and puppeteer Lillie Solomon about maintaining Pistol Pete's head. Learn more about Solomon's special connection to Pete in the STATE Magazine article The Lady Behind the Mask.

Being Pistol Pete

Current and former Pistol Petes share the experience of being OSU's mascot.

Explore more of Pistol Pete's story


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