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Stilly. Loyal and True. Theta Pond. Frank Eaton. Edmon Low. Pomping. The Walk. Orange Fountain. These words become a part of you after joining the Cowboy family. Our traditions are the ties that bind us and keep drawing us back.

Connecting more than 240,000 alumni

Traditions abound at OSU!
They range from something so simple as the “Pistols Firing” gesture to taking the beautiful lyrics of our Alma Mater to heart to wearing America’s Brightest Orange on Fridays. But that’s just a few of the rites, rituals and symbols that unite our Cowboy family. From Pistol Pete to class rings to much, much more, join the fun and experience the joy and reverence these memories will bring you now and throughout your life.

We live by the code

Being a Cowboy isn't in our clothes, it's in our character.
The Cowboy Code is an integral part of our culture. We show this by working hard and striving to make a difference everyday. 

We've got spirit!


OSU has a proud tradition of excellence in athletics. Track became the first organized sport at OAMC with women’s basketball second. Today, OSU participates in 18 intercollegiate sports and with its most recent national title in men’s golf in 2018, holds an impressive


NCAA championships. OSU is fourth nationally in NCAA championships won by a university.

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School colors

OSU’s colors were the first chosen in the late 1890s. The selection of orange and black was a tribute to a popular faculty member whose father was a Princeton graduate. Students adopted Princeton’s orange and black colors and some of the school's first athletic teams were even referred to as the “Tigers” in the early 1900s.

Game Day

Football is special at OSU — and nothing is more special than our home games. We start early and go late. There’s tailgating everywhere on campus, with all kinds of food served. Join the Hall of Fame Block Party on the north side of Boone Pickens Stadium or visit the Cowboy Corral at the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center. Help escort our football team on The Walk from the Student Union down Hester Street to the stadium. Cheer our Cowboys to victory with help from our marching band, cheerleaders, thousands of rowdy fans — and the Paddle People.

Tradition Keepers

Download the app to learn them all!
OSU traditions are all around you. Record them in the Cowboy Legend app to earn prizes and keep a digital scrapbook of your OSU experience. 
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