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Summer financial aid information


Online summer process has ended, if you still have summer questions, please contact our office.


  • Summer eligibility is determined using the results of the current-year FAFSA and your summer enrollment plans. If your enrollment requires more than four weeks of attendance, you may contact our office to discuss additional opportunities, if any, for funding.

  • Undergraduates must enroll in at least six summer hours* to be considered for Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized loans or for their parent to borrow through the Parent (PLUS) Loan. Undergraduates enrolled in less than six hours* may  qualify for Pell Grant or Oklahoma's Promise (or TEACH, if the student otherwise qualifies for TEACH). 

  • Graduate students must enroll in at least two hours* to be considered for Federal Direct Unsubsidized or Graduate PLUS loans. Graduate TEACH recipients must enroll in at least one hour to be considered for a summer TEACH Grant.

    • We will estimate a summer tuition waiver if you received one in the fall and/or spring semester. You will be notified separately by the Graduate College of your eligibility for a graduate tuition waiver for summer. 
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress: All students must meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress standards when eligibility is determined and when aid is scheduled to be disbursed. Summer academic performance can impact future semester eligibility.

  • Award Limits: Federal annual and aggregate (lifetime) award limits are always considered when we determine your eligibility.

*All courses must count toward degree requirements to be included for financial aid eligibility. Federal regulations also affect financial ad eligibility for repeated courses. 

Types of assistance

  • Federal Pell Grant: We will determine your eligibility based on your enrollment, financial need and the amount of annual and/or lifetime Pell Grant you may have already received.

  • Oklahoma's Promise: Recipients who haven't exceeded the limit (please refer to OSRHE for requirements) and who meet the academic progress requirements will receive Oklahoma's Promise funding for tuition (not fees).

    • The Oklahoma's Promise award will not pay for remedial courses for which the student does not earn college academic credit. 
  • Cowboy Covenant: There is no funding for summer terms.

  • Undergraduate Tuition Waiver Scholarships: The only undergraduate tuition scholarships available during the summer term are Oklahoma State Regents Academic Scholars Tuition Scholarship, the Oklahoma National Guard Tuition Waiver, the OSU Employee Dependent Child Tuition Waiver and the OSU-Tulsa Educating Educators Tuition Waiver. 

  • Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Student Loans: Students who haven't exceeded the annual and aggregate (lifetime) loan limits will be considered for funding in the Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan programs. Undergraduates must enroll in 6 or more hours* for both Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan consideration. Graduate students must enroll in 2 or more hours* for Unsubsidized Loan consideration. 

  • Direct Parent (PLUS) Loan: Parent borrowers complete the Parent PLUS application for the summer term at Students must  be enrolled in 6 or more hours* for the parent to be considered for the Parent PLUS Loan.

  • Graduate PLUS Loan: Graduate students enrolled in 2 or more hours* and who have already borrowed the annual or aggregate Unsubsidized maximum may qualify for the Graduate PLUS Loan. Borrowers complete the Graduate PLUS application at


Other important information

  • Travel courses: If you plan to enroll in a travel course* (e.g., Summer in London), you must answer the summer enrollment plans question on and notify us of your specific enrollment plans. You can notify us of your specific travel enrollment plans in writing or by email.  Be sure to include your name, student ID #, course name, course number and dates the course begins and ends. You must also provide us with official cost information from the program.

  • NOC/TCC Courses: If you are an OSU student taking courses* through NOC (including Cowboy Mall) or TCC, contact your OSU academic advisor to complete the consortium process. OSU students enrolling at TCC for the summer must also be enrolled in at least one hour of OSU course(s) for the summer term. If you are pursuing your degree through NOC or are enrolled in the NOC Gateway Program, contact the NOC Financial Aid Office in Tonkawa for information. If you are pursuing your degree through TCC, contact the TCC Financial Aid Office for summer aid information.

  • Private loans: If you plan to borrow through a private lender, you must answer the Summer Enrollment Plans question on once summer enrollment begins and apply for the loan through the lender.

  • Change in enrollment plans after answering the Summer Enrollment Plans question: You can only answer the Summer Enrollment Plans question on once. If your total hours enrolled for summer change after answering the summer question in your portal, submit the online summer enrollment plans update form. 

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