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Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Master's in Natural Resource Ecology and Management

Graduate students in the program are provided with high quality, advanced training and instruction in the application of the scientific method to problems in natural resource ecology and management.
Students develop the capability for original and creative work under the guidance of established professionals and scientists. This includes problem analysis and identification, research methods, synthesis of results, and communication of findings.


Students pursuing a master's degree in natural resource ecology and management work directly with a member of the faculty to design a program of study to serve individual career goals. The prerequisite for graduate study for the program is a bachelor's degree in an area aligned with the student's research interests with a minimum overall GPA of 3.00.


Thesis Option

A student who selects the thesis option completes 30 hours of coursework, including six hours for a thesis. Students must write a thesis based on original research.


Formal Report Option

A student who selects the formal report option completes 32 hours of coursework, including six hours of thesis or report credit hours. A formal proposal is not required for the report, but the advisory committee must approve an outline of the report prior to the completion of 17 credit hours.


The OSU Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management conducts research in the following areas:


  • Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology
  • Forest Resources
  • Rangeland Ecology and Management
  • Wildlife Ecology and Management

Research and Faculty

The overall mission of the OSU Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management Natural Resource Ecology and Management is to increase public awareness and understanding, through teaching, research and extension, of the ecology, management and sustainable use of natural resources that are important for maintaining ecosystem health, species diversity, agriculture and forest production, hunting and fishing, and the enjoyment of experiencing nature.


Meet our Departmental Faculty



Persons interested in graduate studies in the OSU Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management should direct initial inquiries to graduate faculty working in their area of interest. Admission to a graduate program is contingent on having a faculty sponsor in the department.


To apply for the natural resource ecology and management master's of science degree program complete the following:  

  • Submit an application for admission to the OSU Graduate College.
    • The department recognizes the following admission requirements: a BA or BS degree in a field consistent with the graduate program of study, a minimum GPA score of 3.00 (applicants with a lower GPA will be considered under special circumstances), GRE scores that are sufficiently high to demonstrate the applicant is prepared for graduate studies.
    • Submit a letter of intent indicating your desire for admission into the graduate program in the OSU Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, specifying the area of specialization in which you are interested, your qualifications and experience in this area, any additional plans for your graduate program, career goals, and whether you wish to be considered for a teaching or research assistantship.
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores:GRE scores are highly recommended and are required for full consideration for teaching and research assistantships. OSU institution ID = 6546, NREM ID = 0115.
    • At least three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with your academic or professional performance.
    • Official transcripts of all college studies.

After the application has been completed (including the application fee), applications will automatically be forwarded to the department, and to the individual faculty members who have been identified.


Cost and Assistance

Many students help finance graduate education through part-time, paid employment as a graduate assistant. As a graduate assistant, you can expand and apply your knowledge and skills under the supervision of faculty or staff. Several competitive Distinguished Graduate Fellowships are available through the Graduate College, the college and the department. The general criteria for earning a fellowship are based on grade point average, progress in a graduate program program, publications, and presentations at national meetings.


Cost and Aid

Assistantships and Funding Opportunities

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