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Rachel Cox teaching an accounting class

Master's in Accounting

The Master of Science in Accounting at OSU is a top-ranked program providing students with a sound knowledge of the most advanced theory and practice of accounting that facilitates the acquisition of market-driven specializations. The program employs a cohort approach that begins in the summer and places a particular emphasis on communication skills, creativity, personal responsibility and continuing development of leadership skills.


Utilizing the Power of Personal, our students receive individualized feedback at the end of the summer and fall semesters. Students who earn their bachelor’s degree in accounting can complete the master's degree in a fifth year, which can lead to CPA examination eligibility.


The accounting master’s degree program requires 33 or 34 credit hours, depending on a selected option. Students may choose from four options including financial reporting and auditing, data analytics and systems, corporate finance or research methods.


As of November 1, 2020, the OSU MS Accounting program satisfies the education requirements for the CPA Exam in both the state of Oklahoma and Texas. We acknowledge that requirements in other states may be different. Please note that at this time the OSU MS Accounting program may or may not be able to advise whether our curriculum meets requirements outside of Oklahoma and Texas. Prior to enrolling in the program, please feel welcome to discuss this important topic with the program coordinator. 

CPA Exam pass rates for OSU MS-Accounting
Year First time overall Total overall
2020 76.92% 85.19%
2019 62.5%  
2018 85.7%  
2017 64.3%  
2016 62.5%  
  • *Note*

    NOTE: Data provided annually by The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). The most recent data available is from the 2019 exam, as NASBA has ceased publishing the Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination publication until the new CPA exam and licensure structure transition is completed.

Average CPA Exam Scores for OSU MS Accounting
Exam Scores
FAR 83
AUD 86
BEC 80
REG 82

Research and Faculty

In order to increase their network and interact with other academics, our students are provided support to attend various academic conferences. Each spring, the School of Accounting also hosts a research conference designed to bring in top academics from around the region and across the U.S.


Meet our departmental faculty



Admissions are decided on a holistic approach with successful candidates meeting the following preferences: 

  • an undergraduate degree with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher and a GPA of 3.25 in the required prerequisite ACCT courses.
  • a GMAT score of 550. GMAT waivers are available for an overall GPA of 3.5 and upper-division accounting GPA of 3.5.
  • ACCT prerequisite courses and upper division GPA to include the following courses or course equivalents:
    • Foundational Accounting Skills
    • Federal Income Taxation
    • Intermediate Accounting I and II
    • Cost Accounting
    • Accounting Information Systems
    • Audit

While an ethics course is not a prerequisite course for the program, it is important to note that some states including Texas, California, Colorado, Illinois and Virginia require the completion of an ethics course to be eligible to sit for the CPA Exam.


Admission interviews may be conducted as necessary. Applicants must submit a completed graduate college application, resume, letter of recommendation and personal statement. All program students begin coursework in May. The international applicant deadline is Jan. 9. The application deadline for domestic candidates is Feb. 1.


Cost & Assistance

Cost for each program will vary depending on credit-hours taken, scholarship funding, assistantships and financial aid. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to calculate eligibility for aid.


Assistantships vary by department. Please contact the program coordinator for information on assistantships and funding opportunities. 




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