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Doctorate in Business Administration option in Accounting

The accounting Ph.D. program produces high-quality academics who are prepared for successful careers in research, teaching and professional engagement in a university setting. Students are exposed to research and quantitative methods from economics, statistics, finance, management information systems and the behavioral sciences. The OSU program is small enough for doctoral students to work closely with faculty in a mentoring relationship. We encourage doctoral students and faculty to actively work together on research projects that are directed at publication in the top accounting research journals. We seek students with great research potential, as evidenced by a desire and ability to contribute to the body of accounting literature. Our students also possess excellent interpersonal skills necessary to become top teachers and research colleagues.
Admission to the accounting Ph.D. program is suspended for the 2021/2022 academic year.


  • The doctoral program consists of a minimum of 45 hours of coursework and 15 additional dissertation research hours.

  • Students will conduct research using primarily archival methods.

Research and Faculty

In order to increase their network and interact with other academics, our students are provided support to attend various academic conferences. Each Spring, the School of Accounting also hosts a research conference designed to bring in top academics from around the region and across the U.S. Our program prepares students to be successful at high quality, research-focused academic institutions. 


Meet our Departmental Faculty



The School of Accounting has its own set of requirements for admittance, along with requirements for the OSU Graduate College. Please see department based requirements below:

  •  Minimum GMAT score of 650 is required to apply.
  • Application deadline is Feb. 1. However, admission decisions are made on a continuous basis as applications are received.
  • A personal statement explaining why you are pursuing a doctorate in accounting.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • A current resume.

Cost & Assistance

The School of Accounting provides $7,000 in scholarship funds each summer to all doctoral students in residence for the first four years of the program.


Assistantships provide an annual stipend of $18,030, payable over the 9-month school year. As the funds are available, the School of Accounting also provides an additional annual stipend of $2,000, payable over the 9-month school year. To receive these funds, students work on average 20 hours per week in either research assistant or teaching duties, maintain full-time student status and show satisfactory progress towards degree completion and assigned duties.




Assistantships & Funding Opportunities

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