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Student in the School of Architecture

Get certified in Integrative Design of the Building Envelope

Clients of today demand an emphasis on building envelope performance, supported by research methodologies and hard data.  Students preparing to enter the profession, either as Architect, Construction Manager, Civil Engineer, or Engineering Technologist, as well as those who have a significant professional practice background, can benefit from directed study of new tools and technologies and their integration into design thinking strategies.  An important feature of the certificate is its interdisciplinary nature – students would be required to take three to six hours of this directed study outside their major area.


The School of Architecture offers students the opportunity to pursue a graduate certificate in Integrative Design of the Building Envelope. A graduate certificate is a post-graduate credential that is evidence of a more specialized study, in this case, of integrative building envelope design.



The certificate is 12 hours, and may include any three of the following courses totaling nine credit hours: 

  • ARCH 5023 Masonry Analysis and Design (2021)
  • ARCH 5023 Timbers and Masonry Design & Analysis (2022)
  • ARCH 5093 Real Estate Development
  • ARCH 5133* Advanced Energy Issues in Architecture
  • ARCH 5263 Advanced Architecture Technology Seminar*
  • ARCH 5493 Entrepreneurship in Architecture
  • ARCH 6243 Analysis III
  • ARCH 6343 Steel III
  • ARCH 6543 Concrete III
  • CIVE 5113 Contracts and Specifications
  • CIVE 5183 Construction Estimating
  • CIVE 5193 BIM for Constructions
  • CIVE 5273 Concrete Durability
  • CIVE 5583 Advanced Construction Materials
  • CIVE 5873 Air Pollution Control Engineering
  • FPST 4143 Industrial Ventilation and Smoke Control
  • FSEP 5033 Risk Analysis
  • FSEP 5113 Fire and Explosion Hazard Recognition
  • FSEP 5133 Principles of Process Safety
  • FSEP 5143 Structural Design for Fire and Life Safety
  • FSEP 5163 Principles of Industrial, Physical & Building Security
  • FRNS 5103 The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics
  • FRNS 5113 The Chemistry of Explosives
  • FRNS 5123 Fire Dynamics in Forensic Investigations
  • MSE 5013 Advanced Thermodynamics of Materials
  • MSE 5023 Diffusion and Kinetics
  • MSE 5033 Composite Materials
  • MSE 5053 Smart Materials
  • MSE 5093 Fundamentals of Materials Science
  • MSE 5174 Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
  • MSE 5223 Additive Manufacturing: Materials, Methods & Applications

An additional 3-hour directed independent study, supervised by at least two graduate faculty representing two fields of expertise:  ARCH 5003 Advanced Topics in Integrative Design Independent Study with an in-depth focus on the analysis/design of a building envelope. 
*denotes graduate section of existing 4000 level course. 


Admissions Requirements and Deadlines

CEAT Students with a 3.0 or better GPA are eligible to enroll in the certificate program. Practitioners with an accredited Bachelors or Masters degree in Architecture, Architectural Engineering, and others with baccalaureate degrees from outside of architecture and engineering may apply and will be reviewed on a case-by-case, space-available basis. Undergraduate architecture students in their senior year are eligible to begin work on the certificate after approval of a petition to take graduate coursework by completing the form “Application for Graduate Credit for Graduating Seniors” from the Graduate College.

How to apply and enroll

Architecture student building structure in lab

Cost and Assistance

Cost for on-campus enrollment


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