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Bison graze on a grass pasture.

Get certified in grassland management

A certification in grassland management will expand your graduate education and open doors for your future career in the natural resource industry. The online grassland management certification program provides an opportunity for you to learn more about grasslands as a fundamental resource in our environment.


Grasslands (including rangeland, pastureland, and haylands) are the principal land resource type in the Great Plains, comprising more than 50% of the land surface area. The major use of the region's grasslands is livestock grazing. Grasslands are also critically important for providing wildlife habitat, recreation, high quality water and air, and other environmental services. Grasslands represent a fundamental resource of the region that determines the environmental and economic future of the Great Plains states.


The program is a 12-credit graduate certificate offered completely online as part of the Ag IDEA program. Students are required to enroll in three core courses (7 credits) and two elective courses (at least 5 credits) to earn the certificate. 



Required Courses (7 credit hours):

  • NREM 5713 : Grassland Fire Ecology
  • NREM 5692 : Grassland Monitoring and Assessment
  • NREM 5682 : Grassland Plant Identification

Elective Courses (choose 2):

  • NREM 5693 : Principles of Forage Quality and Evaluation for Grazing Livestock
  • NREM 5673 : Rangeland Resources Watershed Management
  • NREM 5033 : Ecology of Invasive Species


Admissions Requirements and Deadlines

You need to complete an application to the Graduate College which requires an application fee and a copy of official transcripts. Please contact Dr. Karen Hickman when you apply. You must file a Plan of Study prior to graduation, and it should be done as early in the program as possible. To complete the Graduate Certificate, you need to complete the correct form after you finish your coursework.


Cost and Assistance

Cost for on-campus enrollment

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