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From the president: system-wide strategy process

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Cowboy family,


As we close the books on the fall semester and look toward 2022, I wanted to provide an update on the formal process for creating a strategy for Oklahoma State University.


The steering committee members have been selected and notified. After we return from the holiday, we will be forming working groups in key areas to take a deep-dive into specific topics and gather data.


The work ahead will be hard, but transformative. It will require commitment, effort and time. But the investment into the project will reap untold rewards. Thanks to the leadership that came before me, and the quality of our faculty and staff, Oklahoma State University is in a wonderful position. Where we go from here can be revolutionary. We must listen to all of our stakeholders, make a clear set of choices and craft a plan that propels OSU to the next level. Throughout the spring, there will be multiple opportunities for formal and informal feedback.


My goal is for OSU to become the premier land-grant university, creating and discovering solutions to societal problems, providing students with a world-class education and sending them into the world after graduation well-equipped to handle the challenges before them.


From January through May, we will engage in a structured, system-wide process of listening. Our goal is to construct the broadest, most accurate view of the future for Oklahoma State University. From May through August, the committees will construct a strategy that will go before the OSU A&M Board of Regents for approval and launch in September.


We have created a website to provide you with information, and have created a plan to keep you informed of the process.


I cannot wait to see what plans great minds can come up with when they’re all focused on one goal. The future is ours, Cowboy family. Let’s accomplish amazing things together.


Dr. Kayse Shrum


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