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Join us to refine the comprehensive research program for civilians in space

The Human Research Program for Civilians in Spaceflight & Space Habitation (HRP-C)

January 23-24, 2024
At the HRP-C Workshop, space, medical, and behavioral experts will discuss the comprehensive program intended to address the health, safety, and performance of civilians living and working in space. Your input is requested on the HRP-C report during the workshop.

The event is hosted by the Oklahoma Aerospace Institute for Research and Education and the LaunchPad Center at the Helmerich Research Center on the OSU Tulsa campus.

Workshop Speakers

Jim Bridenstine
Former NASA Administrator

Dr. JD Polk 
NASA, Chief Health and Medical Officer

Dr. Thomas Marshburn
Sierra Space, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kate Rubins
NASA Astronaut

Victor Glover
NASA Astronaut

Dr. Melchor Antuñano
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, Director

David Baumann
NASA, Human Research Program Director

Dr. George Nield
Commercial Space Technologies, LLC, President

Dr. Jennifer Fogarty
Chief Scientific Officer, TRISH

Dr. Don Krupp
NASA Associate Program Manager, HLS

Dr. Bettina Beard
NASA Research Psychologist

Dr. Douglas Terrier
JSC Associate Director for Vision and Strategy

Dr. Michael Schmidt
Sovaris Aerospace, CEO & Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Mark Shelhamer
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Dr. Simonetta Di Pippo
Former Director, UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

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