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2019-2020 Tuition Waiver Scholarship


Important information

Congratulations on your academic achievement that has resulted in you receiving an Oklahoma State University assured tuition waiver scholarship. The specific scholarship name and award amount are listed on the Award tab on This information sheet contains additional information about the award. Please review this information sheet before accepting the award and again as you plan your enrollment each semester. If, after reviewing this information, you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at, by phone at 405-744-6604 or in person in 119 Student Union. 

  • About this award: 
    • This award is an automatic reduction from your OSU tuition charges each fall and spring semester. 

    • Up to one-half of your total annual award (depending on the number of hours you take) will be subtracted directly from your OSU Bursar bill each fall and spring. 

    • You are eligible for only one tuition waiver scholarship per semester. (see "Other Awards," below). 

    • You must enroll in at least 12 credit hours per semester (fall/spring) to receive this scholarship each semester, and you must also meet the annual "Renewal Requirements," below. 

  • Limitations: 
    • This award waives tuition only, not fees, during the fall and spring only. It can’t be used during the summer term. 

    • Out-of-State Award: If you are receiving an out-of-state scholarship, OSU will waive your out-of-state tuition up to half of your award amount each semester. You must pay in-state tuition and any remaining out-of-state tuition not paid by this scholarship, as well as all fees.

    • This award does not pay for OUTE (Outreach Exception) section courses, including short-term study abroad programs. 

    • You must begin using your scholarship the first semester it is available and use it continuously every fall and spring semester it is available, with no breaks in attendance at OSU, or it will be rescinded. See “Deferments,” below for exceptions. 

    • If you attend OSU only one fall or spring semester during any academic year of eligibility for this award, you will receive no more than one-half of this scholarship’s value that academic year. 

    • Undergraduate tuition waiver scholarships can’t be used for graduate study; students who enter graduate or professional school before their scholarship expires forfeit the balance of the award.

  • Award duration: 

    This award ends when you earn a bachelor’s degree, become classified as anything other than an undergraduate, fail to meet the requirements of this award or when you have received the maximum duration of your award as specified in the award message on

  • Coordination with other aid, including Oklahoma's Promise: 
    • You may also accept scholarships from other OSU departments (as long as they are not tuition waiver scholarships) as well as scholarships from outside organizations. 

    • If you receive Oklahoma’s Promise, this tuition waiver won’t affect your eligibility. You’ll receive an Oklahoma’s Promise award in the amount of tuition charges (not fees), even if all or a portion of your tuition is being waived by this scholarship. In this case, you can use the Oklahoma’s Promise funding to pay any remaining tuition and other charges each semester.

  • Changes in award amount (incoming students only): 
    • If your academic record and/or admission test scores (as appropriate) improve before July 1, 2019, you’ll be considered for an upgrade to a higher value award only if funds remain available. 

    • Send copies of new scores/transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 219 Student Union, Stillwater, OK, 74078 as soon as possible so your eligibility for a higher value award can be reassessed; however, OSU reserves the right to stop making new or higher value awards at any time. 

    • If, between now and the beginning of school, your admission status or academic credentials change because of new information, OSU reserves the right to retract this scholarship as only fully admissible, degree-seeking students in good academic standing are eligible for the award.

  • Deferment
    • An approved deferment request lets you leave OSU for a time and retain your scholarship when you return, if you met the terms of the deferment. Deferments are not automatic. 

    • Deferment Request

    • You must currently meet the scholarship retention criteria before you leave to be eligible for a deferment. 

    • Attending any other college or university while on deferment will result in the loss of the scholarship (some accommodation may be made for programs such as OSU-sponsored study abroad programs, OSU-sponsored co-op programs, OSU-sponsored internship programs, etc.).

  • Renewal requirements
    • You must enroll full-time each fall and spring and achieve a 2.00 Overall Grade Point Average (GPA) to retain a multi-year award. There is no probationary period. 

    • If you attend OSU only one fall or spring semester in any year of eligibility, you’ll receive no more than one-half of your scholarship’s value that year and you must attain the required GPA to renew your award for the following year (provided you have eligibility remaining). 

    • A check will be made at the end of the spring semester to determine whether you’ve met the criteria for renewal of your tuition waiver for the following year. 

    • If you fail to enroll full-time each semester and maintain the required 2.00 Overall GPA, you will receive a letter and/or email from this office soon after the end of the spring semester with information regarding repair/appeal options. 

    • It is your responsibility to keep your postal and email address information current in the OSU student portal at 

    • You must successfully appeal or repair your eligibility before the start of the immediately following school year or your tuition scholarship will be permanently rescinded.

  • Locked tuition and tuition scholarships

    First-time, full-time, in-state students have the option to choose between the standard variable tuition rate (subject to change each fall) versus a locked tuition rate that will be guaranteed to remain the same, for up to four consecutive years. However, per Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education policy, students who receive tuition waivers do not have the option of choosing the locked tuition rate.

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