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For our love of OSU

Let's protect each other 
From all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the world, our students, faculty and staff make the Cowboy family a vibrant and inclusive culture. We are committed to supporting each other inside and outside of the classroom. This includes doing what's right and taking care of each other when times are hard.
Getting vaccinated, combined with wearing masks, is our best way to combat the COVID-19 virus and keep us all enjoying the semester and events we are all looking forward to.

Find your why

Yourself. Your family and friends. Your community.
Our driving forces may differ, but are equally important. Here’s what knits us together: our love of OSU and our desire for as typical of a semester as possible, engaged and in-person. Together, we've made it this far. Let's keep going.

Staff Spotlight

Why do you wear a mask?
“I do it for those around me and I feel like I am part of something bigger than myself. The decisions that I make in my life have ripple effects. It doesn’t mean I don’t wrestle daily with feeling a little frustrated with myself and the whole situation. But I still am able to cultivate kindness, show grace to the people and hopefully set an example that others will follow.” - Ruthie Loffi, Adminstrative Assistant, Leadership and Campus Life
Ruthie Loffi, Executive Admin Assistant

Student Spotlight

Do you feel that wearing a mask has started to help spread awareness for other students?
“I do wear a mask because I don’t want to transmit it to other people who aren’t wearing a mask or aren't vaccinated. Our teachers are enforcing it and a lot of people are more aware of it. That has helped more people wear masks and more people stay safe.” - Cameron Arnold, Freshman, Computer Science
Cameron Arnold, Freshman, Computer Science

COVID-19 Resources

University Health Services

For health related questions, vaccine scheduling, to find out about COVID-19 testing, and more.


Find the answers to your questions about COVID-19 and what OSU is doing to protect the campus community.

Poke-a-thon Campaign

OSU is offering students incentives to get vaccinated for COVID-19, including football tickets, iPads and bursar scholarships.

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