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If We Have a Positive COVID‑19 Case on Campus

We follow the guidance of national health officials in our response to a positive diagnosis on campus. When we receive confirmation that an OSU student or employee has had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, there are important measures that will be promptly taken including contact tracing, communication and facility disinfection.


Contact Tracing
Timely identification of potentially impacted individuals is critical during a public health crisis. OSU will use a range of methods for contact tracing to aid in notification of individuals at risk for COVID-19.


Trained health officials
University Health Services will work in tandem with the Payne County Health Department to identify cases and respond accordingly. Select University Health Services employees are trained on the state and county’s approach and technology for contact tracing and will be available to assist with those ongoing efforts.


Data analytics

Leveraging existing campus technology, OSU has developed analytics to identify employee and student movement across the OSU campus via WiFi access points. This location data will be held in extreme confidence and shared only with leadership of University Health Services (UHS) when cases arise for which location information is useful. Location data – not device content, which is not collected by OSU – will be stored for 30 days and solely used to aid in contact tracing. Additional data including class schedules, OSU ID card transactions and office or student housing assignments will also be used to assist health officials in this matter.

How You Should Respond to a COVID‑19 Infection Report


  • If you become ill while on campus, quickly isolate yourself from others. If you have fever, cough, loss of smell or taste, or other symptoms out of the ordinary for you, you might have COVID-19. Please contact a healthcare provider to determine if you should get tested for COVID-19. You can call your primary care provider, Payne County Health Department, or UHS at 405-744-7665.
  • If you need to get tested for COVID-19, call University Health Services at 405-744-7665 or schedule an appointment through their online portal. Payne County Health Department is also available for testing, as is your primary care physician.
  • Remain isolated from others until you get further instructions from a healthcare provider. This includes staying home from class, work, activities, or even grocery or convenience stores.

Within 24-48 Hours

  • Notify your professors, supervisors or activity sponsors of your need to isolate because you are sick.
  • If living on campus, work with UHS and OSU Housing to determine if you should remain in your current room. If you live off campus, continue to isolate yourself at your home, utilizing a private room and bathroom if possible.

Within 48-72 Hours

  • You should get notification from UHS on your results. If results are negative, you should remain home until you are no longer sick and you are fever free for 24 hours. If you are positive, call Payne County Health Department at 405-372-8200 for further instructions on the mandatory quarantine, as required by the state of Oklahoma.

Within 5-7 days

  • You will be contacted by the state health department to discuss your symptoms. They will release you for public contact somewhere between 10 to 14 days if you are exhibiting NO symptoms. On Dec. 2, 2020, the CDC updated its COVID-19 quarantine guidance, providing options to shorten quarantine to 10 or seven days in certain circumstances.


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